a mix of kissing and snuggling at the same time
While lying next to each other, my boyfriend and I like to kissle.
by Sarah May 23, 2003
Top Definition
One of the more famous characters of the Jerky Boys. Kissle is a WWII (double you double you two) veteran who loves to rag on his wife and repeat what he says over and over again.
Kissle: why you laugh'n, you ever seen my wife in a negleshay, she neglected her body; should I say.

In BangKok back in double you double you two, we use to bang hookers 10 at a time for a dime. There is even a song about it, "ten at a time for a dime, ten at a time for a diiime."

by T.J. Dubz January 29, 2008
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