a very talented guitarist from the very great band MetallicA. he is one of the best guitarists, but definately not THE best guitarist. the best guitarist is of course jimi hendrix, duh. and he is definately better than dave mustaine, who was kicked out of metallica because of his drug problems, and because he's an asshole. yes i know kirk hammet is over rated. he is rated on a scale from 1 to ten (ten being the best) as a 12, but in reality he is actually only an 11.
metallica is better than megashit.
by MetallilbangeR April 03, 2005
The hugely talented lead guitarist for the band Metallica. Not the greatest guitarist in the world (despite what musically ignorant 10 year olds believe) but very fast and good at licking James Hetfield's boots.
The first song that Kirk Hammet wrote for Metallica was Enter Sandman which sucked. He should just play the main solos and let Hetfield write them.
by nfdfdf December 30, 2004
The worst most over-rated piece of shit gutarist that has ever lived! Can't wirte good songs for shit either! Dave Mustaine Rules 4ever!
Kirk hammet is shit!
Kirk hammet is a queer!
kirk hammet licks balls!
by Dave Mustaine March 03, 2005

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