A person who is usally the boss of a group, and sits back on a throne or a comfortable spot and watches other people do work for him while he enjoys pleasures such as sex, women, drug, alcohol, games, sleep
dude ur such a king pin!
#flossy #floss #boss #king pin #king #throne #sex #relax #king pining
by Mad Man Mike May 03, 2012
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The leader of a crime syndicate or organisation.
The ruler of any 'game'. ie. drug game, rap game, crime game.
Its time to ice the KingPin.
The highest dealer in your locality is the KingPin.
Kurupt calls himself the KingPin.
by Diego September 27, 2003
an important figure in organized crime

They caught a kingpin from the Philadelphia mob.
#godfather #king #mafia #syndicate #underworld
by Light Joker January 11, 2006
Big gangster that has at least 1000 gangsters at his command , that is involved is fights for big areas of a town , that has influence in politics and in the police.A king pin is a very educated man that knows how to lead an army , he is involved in arganised crime , drug shipment and fraud .
1:Man yo heard that X is the new King Pin.
2:But what happend with Y
1:He was killed while he was shipping 50 kg
2:And what happend with the stuff
1:X took it.
#organized crime #cold blood #gangster #big player #killer
by 16584Homicide January 03, 2009
slang term for the prescription drug clonazepam (klonopin).
yo man, i just popped 4 kingpins, m-e-l-l-o...
#klonopin #kingpin #clonazepam #kingpins #kingpinz
by ninjanate March 20, 2007
Killer Montreal ska band that accompanied ska's 3rd wave.
Wow!! That new tie is sooo Kingpins.
by Paddy Walsh March 22, 2005
Is the act of agressively forcing you index and middle finger up someones ass.
Jeez that kingpin really hurt me asshole.
#ass #king #pin #butthole #finger
by Thegster November 21, 2014
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