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A phrase originating from Glam Rock legend Marc Bolan (T. Rex) while describing the inspiration behind his song "London boys". The phrase has been popularized again by Vince Noir on "The Mighty Boosh", no doubt as a reference to the fictional character's glam rock obsession.
1- "Zomg, I love Vince Noir! King of the Mods!"
2- "Mighty Boosh is pretty cool. I love the references to Bowie and Marc Bolan."
1- "Who are they?"
2- *dies*
by letovshera February 08, 2009
Vince Noir.
Vince Noir- Howard, I think its gonna be all right!

Howard Moon- What?

Vince Noir- Look!

Howard Moon - Mod Wolves?

Vince Noir - Yeah, and I'm King of the Mods
by LoveTheMightyBoosh August 27, 2008