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A mexican bear fighter who enjoys stomping on ants when he listens to Jumpstyle music.
He tends to also offend his closest friends and cannot be killed.
That King Douche Bag is such a douche.
by T-Bag King May 06, 2009
1.)A person who is so insensitive and/or unintelligent that they have successfully exceeded the qualifications of a douchebag. Also Queen Douchebag if female.

2.) A chemistry teacher who assigns to much unnecessary work to his/her pupils.
1.) KD: I think Bush was the best president yet.
Bob: Shut up you King Douchebag!

2.) KD teacher: O.K class, your'e homework is page 200, problems 1-115
Student: No Mr. Herbig! Please don't be a King Douchebag!
by tortured AP chem student November 20, 2010
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