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The ultimate cupcake. Characterized by a strange combination of emo and hipsterness, with an uncontrollable tendency to flirt with every korean girl encountered, often 2-3 at a time.

The ultimate cupcake would be someone who wears tight red pants purchased from Italy and who has a super emo haircut--for example a high buzzcut on one side with longer comb over hair on the other side.

A king cupcake prefers to remain unidentified and tries to deflect his cupcake status by claiming that others are cupcakes and that cupcaking is inherently "gay cupcaking" (which is false).
"WOW, what a huge cupcake Howard P is. He is always trying to mack on little AZN (asian) girls and wears fruity red designer pants. He truly is the King Cupcake"
by Cupcake Understudy July 10, 2008
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