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King Balls I (noun, title): having been immaculately crowned "King Balls" in the fall of 2007, Joey Buss, took the title of "King Balls," of CSULB Pi Kappa Phi and founded the Rho Beta (Royal Balls) family, one of the smallest families amongst the chapter. The origin of the name is mostly unknown, but many legends exist explaining the creation of this name and the kingdom he reigns over. One such legend is the promise that each associate member will see King Balls' balls before they are initiated.

To be succeeded by:
King Balls II: Brandon Bell(Prince Balls)
King Balls III: Jeff Wong(Duke of Balls)
King Balls IV: Will Phuangthong(Baron Balls)

The Femdom:
Aislinn Oleary(Princess Balls)
Jennifer Cruz(Duchess of Balls)

Insignia: Drawn as a hairy nut sack donning a royal crown.
Guy1: " Hey did you tea bag me last night when I passed out?"
Guy2: "Naw, it was probably King Balls. You drank too much pink pantie dropper at the party."
by KingBalls April 11, 2011
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