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The ability or skill to know the position of your body in a moment in time and space. Usually a byproduct of Yoga or Martial Arts Practice. Used to hone skills in in sexual prowess to a degree that is inconceivable.
Bro 1: What Happened with you and that girl last night?
Bro 2: I so took her back to my place.

Bro 1: You live with your parents; your full of shit!
Bro 2: Yeah I didn't say have to say anything because I have PERFECT kinetic awareness on my body, including my cock! She was so dazed she didn't know what the fuck happened; exact for the fact that she had been fucked.

Bro 2: Your fucked up weird.
Bro 1: Yes... Yes I am and your jealous as shit!
by White MAMBA! November 16, 2011
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