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Also known as "heaven" a Kinder Bueno is the yummiest chocolate ever invented in the universe. Not only is a Kinder Bueno a form of chocolate, it can also be used as an anti-depressant. Once consumed Kinder Bueno's make people forget their life's troubles.
Olive: i gotta do my essay, im so FKD!!!!
Porky: do it you emo kid.
Olive: I cant stupid!!!
Porky: settle down. Have a Bueno. *hands Olive an empty Kinder Bueno wrapper*
Olive: it's empty -(
Porky: LOL i know, i ate it.
Olive: oooooo that's why you're so happy... and fat -)
by DWI.LAG May 19, 2009
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No problem, all good
Can you please send me those bueno. Will do.
by chocolate producer October 26, 2010

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