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Picking up a girl/s, or just being a player. Very similar to the word Mac.
That dude is such a kin.
That guy kinned that chick.
by wei-tong October 29, 2006
6 50
close friend or brother
you ain't no friend of mine, you ain't no kin of mine (from 50 cent - wanksta)
by anonymous January 21, 2003
226 97
A shorter version of kinfolk; meaning one's family. Someone who is connected to you by blood or marriage, i.e. your kinsman, kinswoman, kindred, relation, relative.
Jack was not used to spending so much time away from his kin.
by OneBadAsp November 02, 2006
131 43
a suffix denoting affection; a term of endearment
I love you lamby-KINS.
Come here KINS, I want to squeeze you!
by Kevin McCarthy March 26, 2005
116 29
a term that people add to someone's name. Usually someone that is well acquainted with someone they will add -kins to the end of there name.
Hey don't call her Lily. Call her Lilykins!
by lilykinskid May 15, 2009
52 25
large amount of jizz. amazing
dude i kin all over becky last night.
by BO master March 14, 2011
42 25
a shortened version of fucking
that is 'kin awesome
by reddragon2410 January 31, 2007
14 2
A napkin, serviette or tissue.
Observer - "Hi there! It appears that you have made a mess of yourself whilst eating!"

Tomiuk - "YeEeEeEeEeEe, linx me some kins yoooo."
by tgangstaz July 30, 2009
23 20