The little fat boy from the movie "up"
Kim Jong Un is a fat little boy scout
by freddish January 23, 2012
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The leader of North Korea who follows in his dead father's monarchy and gets all the food he was sent to himself (which is why he's fat) and the military, leaving the rest of the North Koreans skinny. Also he makes the police do bad stuff to prisoners (torture them)
Someone should do something about Kim Jong Un.
by What-thing February 19, 2014
The crazy leader of North Korea who loves to intimiade the US and all the other Western Block countries by threatning to drop an atomic bomb on them at least once every day. His efforts, however, make the US laugh. Also, he does not really care about his people and leaves them very thin and underfed.
North Korea would collapse economically if it weren't for China's economic support. The army also uses very outdated WW2 equipment. China originally used them as a puppet state, but now N. Korea is looking as more of an embarrasment than anything else.
Guy 1: Who is Kim Jong-Un?
Guy 2: A *bleep* idiot. Need I say more?
Guy 1: He's the leader of North Korea, right?
Guy 2: Yeah. More like the only man still standing in that country.
by M5Industries March 17, 2014
Psychopathic WMD wielding rich jetpack-midget, obsessed with power and major control freak. Probably had daddy issues.
Run, It's Kim Jong Un and he has a Nuke-launching minigun!
by Dr. Yolo July 21, 2014
Rhyming slag for wrong-un, i.e. wrong hole, i.e. anus.
The sentence "My wife won't let me do her up the Kim Jong-Un." would be shortened in rhyming slang parlance to "The Trouble won't let me do her Kim."
by F5 F5 F5 forgot his password December 20, 2011

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