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In this reference a Kilo would be 2.2 pounds worth of drugs which is one of the largest most used measurements when it comes to cocaine and marijuana. Most big dealers deal in multiple amount of kilos 20-40 a month. Medium dealers deal in 1-5 kilos a month and small dealers deal only in grams, some never to see a kilo of anything. A Kilo of cocoaine has a street worth of $18,000-$25,000 with a purchase price of $12,000-$15,000. A Kilo of Marijuana (or a brick because it is shrink-wrapped and vaccuum sealed for transport like Folgers coffee) has a street value of $2000. It can be purchased in bulk for about 60% of that value which is a fair price. Many dealers and middlemen involved in the life talk about "Kilo's" in the phonetically similar "key" and speak as locksmiths or keys as "car keys" you have to drop off to a customer.
Man 1: It's been nice talking to you but I have to go see a man about some keys (kilo's). I have my locksmith with me (trusted friend).
Man 2: (Understanding the metaphor but confusing the conversation in case they are being eavesdropped on) OK.. swing by when you finish. We'll put them keys on a ring when you get back. (Meaning we will divide and bag up the drugs when you return.)
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005

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