an exclusive ps3 tittle that can put any xbox 360 to shame. One of the best looking and fun games out there. It is better that Call of Duty, and Halo. A game with an excellent online on psn.
Tyler-"Dude wanna play Halo, or even better COD4"

Me-"Dude fuck that shit, im gonna go play Killzone 2 instead"

Tyler-" That game sucks its on ps3, its in the future and you can't prone"

Me-"wow, great reason. Jealous skirt"
by gamer me March 05, 2009
The best game ever. A very good story, addicitve online, and the graphics aren't too bad either. Beats the shit out of Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears.
Girl: Baby, I'm bored. You wanna have sex?
Boy: Yeah, maybe tomorrow.
Girl: Why not now?
by qa45y7qgr March 07, 2009
Soon to come out PS3 fps shooter. With the previews, it seems an incredibly good game. Could possibly be the halo killer.
dude1: like dude did u see the killzone 2 trailer?
dude2: yeah man it looks so kewl, especially when that guy blows up
by Yesn September 30, 2006
An excellent (though nowhere near perfect) fps game for the PS3. The graphics are epic, and the gameplay is very solid and has a sort of feel to it. The majority of people who have actually played Halo AND Killzone 2 will say that it is better than Halo, but most of the 14 year olds who's mommy and daddy bought them a 360 and haven't even held a PS3 controller will tell you Halo is better in every aspect. Actually there's a lot of 20-somethings who act the same way...

Anyways, the only real cons to it is the game is too short and has frequent and interrupting loading freezes. Other than that it truly does kick Halo's ass all over the place. And yes, I have played it.

Some argue that the game is all about graphics. There was someone who actually put a bunch of polls in forums asking if people would still buy it if the game had outdated graphics (like sub PS2 graphics). When the answer was no, this person decided that the game is only good for its graphics, not realizing that NOBODY would pay any amount of money for a game with worse than last gen graphics.
Person A: Man this new Killzone 2 game is way better than Halo!

Person B: Killzone sucks! Nothing is better than Halo!

Person A: Have you even played it?

Person B: No, but I watched a trailer on YouTube


Game reviewer wanna-be: The only good thing about this game is the graphics, nobody would buy it if it had N64 graphics!

Person with common sense: Would anybody buy Halo with N64 graphics, or any game for that matter? Douche.
by booyahbd November 15, 2009
1. A game for the Playstation 3
2. The new form of masturbation for teens
3. An overused comeback to any bitching going on about video game consoles.
Kurt warner: So what is Killzone 2?
Tom Brady: It's a Playstation 3 game

Teen1: Oh wow u guys wanna cum to my place and play teh new Killzone 2?
Everyone: YEAHHHH!!!!
Later... UR DEDZZ!!!! BOOOM!!! WHIZZZZ!!!! TEABAG!!!!

IGN review: ... Xbox 360 has its Killer App....
PStool Kiruzon 2!!!!!!

by AMatureIndividual1 April 28, 2009
A game that PS3 owners have hyped to hell and back.

It isn't out yet, so most other gamers generally disregard their ramblings.

It could be good, and it possibly may not be, so Sony owners should bugger off for the time being.

PS3 Owner: dood killzone 2 will totally pwn!!!!1

XBox Owner: no way, halo 3 is way better; AKA u a fag

by Ironhatt January 27, 2009
A game that Sony fanboy's won't ever shut the fuck up about. You can typically see these losers on forums drooling over the post-processing effects while suck off each others virtual e-cocks.

The most ironic thing behind all the hype is that, if this game were on 360 also, it wouldn't recieve a fraction of the hype it has today.

Half-Life 2, a 5 year old game, still has gameplay, atmosphere and story that absolutely destroys the utter living shit out of Killzone 2, or any other recent FPS for that matter, including the shitfest Halo.

On top of that, Team Fortress 2, even as a $20 game, still has multiplayer that is 100x more depth than Killzone which costs $60.

So in conclusion, despite all the hype behind Killzone 2, please see that it's nothing special. To prove myself right, I went and made polls on various forums asking this question "If Killzone 2 had N64 graphics, would you still care about the game" and the majority of answers said "No." Proof the game has nothing more than graphics to back it up. Don't believe me? Go to any gaming forum and ask the same thing.

2 reasons why this game is so popular:
A) A PS3 exclusive. The PS3 has been starving for an exclusive FPS playslaves can show off to Xbots on the gaming forums, and it finally has arrived.

B) Pretty good graphics(though Crysis still outdoes it in everyway possible)

Before you hit the little thumbs down icon, let me tell you I don't own a 360 and I own a PS3.

If you can look past the fancy graphics, it's just another tired FPS. I'm not saying it's a bad game, but please, there are so many fucking better games, both old and new.
Like the 2 Star rating on youtube...Killzone 2 is "nothing special"
by spermicidal lube March 19, 2009

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