(v) to have everything going your way in a game; or somewhere like a game

People say it all the time in basketball, meaning that the guy is "killin'" the other team.
"you see that game last night?"
"yah, that kis was killin'"
by Brian October 14, 2004
Top Definition
Performing very well, especially musically.
Herbie Hancock was killin' at the club last night!
by Heckafresh February 02, 2006
a combination word between "kickin it" and "chillin"
later on Im going to be killin'at my crib.
by Nasty nate January 28, 2005
when someone is doing something really annoying or stupid, etc....
man quit punchin me, ur killin.
or he was killin with the tests today
by africaliberia March 31, 2009
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