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Short Version: kdm

A game played between friends, where one gives another 3 names of people they know (actors are okay, but it's more fun the other way). The one getting asked has to say which of the 3 they would marry, do, or kill. Then they would ask the other one back. The player who's "turn" it is asks the other. Marrying someone is regarded as the highest rank, since you can 'do' them several times over. ;D

Warning! Don't put yourself as one of the 3 people unless you WANT to get burned.
Nick: Hey Andrea! Up for some kdm (kill do marry)?

Andrea: Sure.

Nick: Andrew, Chris, and Jack.

Andrea: Kill Andrew, Do Jack, Marry Chris. Now me! Hannah, Grace, Annie.

Nick: Nice. Kill Annie, Do Hannah, Marry Grace. Now, my turn! Samantha, Molly, Ashley.

Andrea: That's not fair! You're not allowed to ask me about girls unless I'm gay... And I'm straight.

Nick: Awww. :( Alright.
by Even_More_Epic June 04, 2011
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