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The act of running into a bathroom stall, whilst your friend or a stranger is relieving himself of excrement, and kicking him\her in the stomach to further facilitate forcible bowel evacuation.
"After Thanksgiving, my Uncle Carl said that he was 'prairie dogging', and asked if I could give him a kickstart."
by Nexxicon February 09, 2011
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andys dildo/vibrator that is used for his sexual pleasure it is started the same way as a motorcycle
andy shanahan loves his kickstart
by don April 25, 2005
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Before nailing your missus from behind, place your big toe inside the waist band of her knickers, preferably g-string, and kick downwards as if starting a motorbike. At this second you will make the sound of a spluttering engine, the panties are removed and you enter a hole of choice.
I couldn't bear her mug so I flipped her over and went for a kickstart and hammered her rusty sheriffs badge.
by Dr Chopstick October 31, 2006
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A derogitory name for an east indian with no front teeth.
Lacking front teeth due to multiple "kick starts" ( or bad oral heigeine )

Also applicable to native indians with no front teeth.
Hey, did you see that "kick start" back there?

-no why?

It was too funny... he had no front teeth!!
by Who-me? February 18, 2007
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