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kiara means to be intelligent,sexy,honest,and real always handles her business and doesnt like to be in girl drama but likes to listen to it always likes to be around boys and is a flirt and doesnt like when people is in her face people like to be around her and and enjoy being with her but doesnt want to be around her when she blows eighter but everyone who gets to know her loves her even if they dont like her
kiara's intelligent,sexy,honest,and real she loves guys and theyy love even the girls that are around her even if they dont like her they always love just like evrybody else
by kiara 108 :) May 28, 2010
Classy overly sexy woman with a rare name. Kiara was first heard of in 1988 when singer Shanice collaborated with group Kiara to create hit "This Time".
"Whos that Model?"

"Oh that fine piece right there is Kiara Keys, better put a ring on it"
by Orangman February 26, 2010
a beautiful young lady always sexy like tights jeans n is nice,funny,and honest and doesnt like to be in girl drama but does like to listen to it always likes to hang around boys only the ones that look good and are kool to be around and when people step up to her face with some BS ur always ready to handle ur buzness any time
A kiara is always good with guys and always handle her buzness
by kiara 101;) May 28, 2010
An individual who can be described quite easily as 'Amazingly-Indescribabley-Wonderful.'

A Kiara is usually quite stunning and has many positive attributes such as personality, humour, kindness and last but not least humanitarian attributes as she is constantly caring and looking after others without asking for much in return.
She is Perfect; She is Kiara.
by Jbot349 December 19, 2010
A girl that leads. She stays the same, through thick and thin. She has many sides. She'll only unveil them in certain situations. Only her closest friends know every layer she contains.

And she's really pretty, too.
Guy 1: We got a Kiara here.
Guy 2: I don't know what to expect.
Guy 3: Puh-lease. I've known her for years.
by Louise_East November 23, 2011
The most amazing girl you will ever meet! Kind, caring and sweet, smart and understanding! She is beautiful on the inside and out, and is never shallow. She's a girl that just makes you smile without even trying, and with an amazing smile herself. She makes you feel the best you've ever felt with anyone, and she's one that you don't let go. Kiara is just the perfect girl!
Friend 1: Oh you're dating a kiara?
Friend 2: yeah :D
Friend 1: dude, you're so lucky!
by nathhh31 May 13, 2012
Literally the best thing in the whole wide world. Everyone loves her, everyone wants to be her. Kiara's are born to rule. So if you see a kiara coming bow
Bethany: who's that beautiful intelligent girl, I'm jealous
Jessica: that's the queen , kiara
Bethany: OMG bow for her
by Purplemonster November 28, 2013