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A fairytale for a modern age, defeating haters, doubters, time differences and oceans, Kiara and Eddy are the most in love, beautiful, happy, hawt, random, goofy, crazy road trippin', would tourin', train track skypin', Wi-fi stealin' couple in existence.

Sharers of the biggest hearts, and the truest love.

"Man, one day I want to be in love like Kiara and Eddy.."
by E-Dubbb January 04, 2010

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love eddy kiara amo badboy boner crazy genuine good smegma
The sweetest couple ever! They've got a great balance of Kiaras good but crazy nature and Eddys bad boy but calm nature. It's perfect zen! Ying and yang! People doubt them cause their opposites but they fit so well together they make everyone who looks at them jealous of their kinda everlasting love!
by Themariahater September 16, 2013