1. Of or having the disposition of the worst characteristics stereotypically associated with Christianity.
2. One who is Ignorant, Intolerant, Bigoted, Uncritical in Thought or Analysis, Cruel, Hate-Filled, Prejudiced, Uncaring, Irresponsible, Persuaded by Tradition, Irrational, Unquestioningly Obediant to Authority, Stupid, Meak, Unloving, Conservative, Oppressive/Oppressed, a Hater of Pleasure or Happiness, a Hater of Freedom, Hypocritical, a Holder of Self-Contradictory Positions, One Prone to Confirmation Bias, One Prone to Hostility in the George Kelly Sense of the Word, Dogmatic, Nihilistic.
3. A thing associated with the above characteristics.
Don't be such a Khrit.
That was a really Khritty thing to do.
Don't Khrit on me.
This is a Khrit conversation, I'm out of here.
But that's such a Khrit value--don't go along with it.
by Freiheit December 06, 2005
Top Definition
1.(adj.) An extremely religious person, typically identified by their holier-than-thou attitude. Such people differ from the devout, however, insomuch that they use their religion as a soapbox to express hatred and persecution toward all who do not and/or will not share their (skewed) world view, often blaming their perceived "enemies" for entirely unrelated disasters.
Often times their lifestyle is in direct contradiction with the religion they hold over everyone else's heads.

2.(v.) The of exercising the aforementioned traits on another person.
Immediately after 9/11, the late televangelist Jerry Falwell famously declared that feminists, abortionists, pagans, and the LGBT community were responsible for the bombings that occurred on 9/11.
Falwell is a FINE example of a khrit who enjoyed khriting on people.
by watch_meh December 06, 2010
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