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Someone who acts tough behind a keyboard online, but can't say the same things in real life.
Keyboard Commando: 'That's complete shit! You're wrong! If I saw you in the street, I'd bash you!'

Real Life: 'Oh ... Hello ... Of course you are right and I am wrong. Sorry ... I won't disagree with you.'
by Papewaio March 02, 2010
A pro white youth who wastes his time on a pc rather then training for war.
Mario is a keyboard commando
by Ne01 March 26, 2003
Rationality says:
Capt. Commando: "How about you take your fuckin keybord an shuv it up your fucking asss you fucking faggot fuckfaced fucking cuntsmear! I'll fucking kick your ass, bitch!"
Just try it fucker. Come on... I dare you.
by Den-bot February 13, 2005
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