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the biggest asshole i have ever met. he has one big nut and one small one. ones about the size of a baseball and the other is the size of an olive. He has the most extreme chode ever.
Kevin has a very big chode.
by Jessica Sheets March 01, 2005
The biggest sult on the face of the earth. Remember to wipe your ass better, because i have herd that u find dingle berrys swinging around like Tarzan on a vine. I saw you bath water after u cleaned yourself and there was a dingle floating around in your bath water.... Please stop giving Griff those purpler nurpplers.... By the way you fat!
Griff: would you like ketchup with that master?
kevin: NOOOOOOO!
Griff: please don't make me eat anymore of those balls u call dingles, they don't really tast like berrys, I know u tried to tell me that dripping red stuff is cherry flavord but it really tasts like a mans blood...
kevin:No Nigga im a gunna force feed u dat healthy shiot....
by rodney March 12, 2005