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A local high school in Kettering, Ohio. Students there are known for their losing football team, winning marching band, and pregnant freshmen. Underneath all of the drama, however, you can find some pretty amazing people and friends that will have your back whenever, wherever.
I hope she doesn't make me attend Kettering Fairmont High School...
#kettering #fairmont #high #school #class
by Nerdo9000 September 29, 2011
Located in Kettering ohio it is the drug haven of the midwest. Want to buy something? ask anyone and they will direct you in the right direction. An eclectic school, with many wanna be gangsters, emo kids and scene bitches, its how fairmont rolls.
Kettering Fairmont High School equals drug deal
#fairmont #kettering #high school #drugs #wasted #wigger
by oogaboogabitch February 24, 2009
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