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Ketchup Ranking is a system used to determine how efficiently the space in a fridge is being used.Typically employed in student housing. A Ketchup Ranking is determined by the number of ketchup bottles present in a fridge, compared to the number of people using said fridge. If there is only one bottle of ketchup, space is being used optimally. If there are 4 bottles of ketchup, and 4 people, that is a failing Ketchup Ranking. Thus the number of ketchup bottles determines the Ketchup Ranking.
Dude, there are 6 bottles of Ketchup in here, two are nearly empty, and there are only 3 of us living here... We need to throw a potluck or boil some hotdogs because our Ketchup Ranking is through the roof!
by WookieSoup April 10, 2011
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