1. A girl that is unbelievably pretty and a great kisser. Usually doesnt have big boobs but has such a nice butt that it doesn't matter in the slightest. She is a huge slacker but always finds a way to do better than everyone else. She is always the girl cracking jokes and loves to be the center of attention. If you know a Kerrigan, never let her get away because she is definitely somebody that you want to be friends with.
1: "Hey man did you see that chick I had sex with the other day?"

2: "Yeah man she was hot"

1: "Yeah dude, she was such a Kerrigan!
#kerrigan #booty #butt #funny #sex #sexy #great #kisser #hot #slacker #attention hog #perfect #loud #kerrrigan #nancy
by volleibaulgurl42 May 01, 2012
Top Definition
A girl who loves to hang out with friends. She is down to earth and is always there for you no matter who you are. She loves her family and you can tell her anything. She keeps secrets and is deffinitely trustworthy. Deffinitely ssomeone to keep as a freind, and if she isn't your friend yet, get to know her. :)
Girl 1: Omg! I love that girl Kerrigan!

Girl 2: Oh I know! She's so nice!!!
#nice #cute #sweet #b-utiful #awsum
by kt4t May 18, 2010
Doesn't change for anyone.

Haters need to keep on hating :-P

Doesn't give a fuck what anyone else thinks.
Kerrigans always her self. <3 <3 <3
#herself #doesnt change #haters #keep hating #doesnt give a fuck
by memyselfANDi-say no more April 20, 2011
one of the kinds of girls that can live it out but is always down to earth in the end.
"Hey did you see that kerrigan at the party last night? I heard that girls best friend is a Madison."
#madison #carrigan #sweetie #hawt #carrington
by carrie_lovee February 21, 2009
verb: To better one's position by crippling a close rival or teammate (who is ideally a whiny unsufferable bitch). The plan to do so may or may not be complex, foolproof or effective.
"Bill's on starting lineup again. I think the only way Coach Hoss is going to play me is if I Kerrigan his ass."

"That frickin' coach's kid keeps on screwing up the play... if he screws it up one more time I'm gonna Kerrigan that bitch!"
#gillooly #harding #stant #attack #conspiracy
by dingovishnevski October 04, 2007
a popular bitch that no one likes but the people the hang out with her! is usually fat with brown hair and wears contacts the make her look sluttish. she think she is kool and will not hang out with some one that is less popular then her! aka a huge sluttish bitchy female that has not life!
trina:look at kerrigan she is such a slut
kelly: i know look at her short shorts they show all of her underwear!
#bitch #slut #hore #slutty #popular
by l March 21, 2009
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