Everquest PVP bard on Tallon Zek with male sexual fantasies
Keric PKed Ryenn then bent over and squeezed his genitals.
by X June 17, 2003
Top Definition
an awesome dude , that makes everyone smile. he's a flirt. but who isn't ? he's not afraid of what people think of him. Oh he's very good looking ;). he's a very sweet guy that you'll be lucky to meet
boy: ew i hate keric
girl: dont be jealous he's pretty awesome
by yourlove_xo August 16, 2010
When two people can potentially be together/otp, but it's complicated.
Person 1: They look like they belong together, but they aren't.
Person 3: That's just Keric.
by IMeanDeFuck December 27, 2014
Brothers Keric: The co-founders of the abomination that is Jerk Comics.
Yet more shameless self promotion from the Brothers Keric
by Meran Keric November 17, 2003
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