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A Kentucky Mudslide is afterbirth of anal sex. It is the jizz/shit mixture that is involuntarily farted out of the woman's anus and on to the bed sheets after a man ejaculates in her ass.
Tom: "I heard that Katie is a freak, she toss your salad or what?"

Mike: "Dude, I gave that bitch a Kentucky Mudslide and it totally fucked up her new white bedspread!"
by TommyD53 March 23, 2009
A Kentucky mudslide is when you slip in another persons/ animals feces and let out a little feces yourself
Billy: I was at the farm yesterday and slipped in some cow shit and shit myself in the process

Trevor: I didn't know the forecast called for a Kentucky mudslide

kentucky mudslide kentucky mudslide shit
by DeathDisco June 08, 2016
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