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1. Stickers, usually automotive performance related (e.g. JEGG'S, STP, MILODON, MALLORY, MSD, WEIAND) placed in the back windows or rear quarter windows of a crapped out car with the intention of making it look more like a race car. Most often seen on but not limited to late 60's early 70's musclecars. 2. A Rock-a-Billy band formed by the leftover members of the late 80's punk-metal fusion band "Sweaty Nipples" after the original base player and drummer died in a homosexual suicide pact.
Ernie had a crapped out primered 71 duster with glasspacks and kentucky go fasters plastered all over his windows.
by Mad_Marx January 16, 2007
When I was working in a gas station in Ohio in the early 1960s, when we referred to Kentucky Go Fasters we were talking about a raccoon tail tied to the antenna and chrome hubcaps on an old car.
In the early 1960s a car with Kentucky Go Fasters with blue smoke trailing behind would pull into the gas station where I worked and have us put in a gallon of oil and top off the gas tank.
by Soybeans September 02, 2008
If it looks good it goes faster
Adding a Chrome air filter adds 10+ horsepower
by Jon May 02, 2003
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