Kent is a Swedish rock band founded in Eskilstuna in 1990.
I love Kent's "Unprofessional" (song).
by vjb October 21, 2006
A county in South-East England, it's quite nice but there are lots of Chavs in this wherabouts.
But most normal people here would like to stick thier heads on a spike.
Chav: Innit' bruv, Chantelle and me got so trolleyedddd innnttiiit?!
Normal Kent person:
Chantelle and me?, I think you'll find it's Chantelle and I, also "Innit"?
by Iamasnail June 24, 2011
a word used to exhibit a dramatic thought or action
the new Harry Potter is out" "Holy KENT!
by Levi Strauss May 31, 2011
this is how the british pronounced the word cunt. but this word is very useful to say in public/school as an alternative (unless you live in england)
ahh he is such a kent!
by nedimiester June 08, 2011
used to describe a perspn who you hate with enough passion to stomp on their sandwich but not to push them off a cliff.
Mrs Hinchey didn't relate anything to food today in potions" "what a kent!
by Levi Strauss May 31, 2011
How the British pronounce cunt.
Brandon: That bloody Jane took my car keys and went to the bar.

Kyle: sorry but she's suck a "kent" for doing that.
by ohbrenda April 23, 2010
Another word for 'cunt'.
"you farken kent!"
by Farrrrrrrkenkent June 06, 2009

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