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To have knowledge, or understanding the state of being beautiful.
When she put on her jewelry, the feeling of kendra came over her.
by SRG#1 March 15, 2010
the cutest most adoreably girl in the whole world! and on habbo usa :)
kendra: HAY GURL HAY!
girl: hay qtay!!11 u luk adorable 2daizzz!
by lolznot January 21, 2008
In English history, it means one who has keen power. It also means a girl with blond hair and blue eyes who posesses extraordinary beauty, incredible sincerity, and the heart of an angel. Her name is synonomous with all that is pure and beautiful.
Stephen: Did you see that girl? She's so beautiful and true, like a shooting star.
Jessica: I know, she's such a Kendra.
by Angelus Maddox August 24, 2010
A girl that is unsure of her self beauty and always insists that she is not beautiful. She is also a master thief and has lots of fun with her friends. She also has the most awesome and loving boyfriend around and he puts up with a lot of stuff that she puts him through. She sees her self worth as next to zero but she has a ton of friends that stand by her even when she doesn't deserve them.
P1: why is she sitting by herself?
P2: oh, she's a Kendra
by ValleyGirl15 December 15, 2012
A beautiful, amazing, awesome best friend I love her so much and she is AMAZING. She dyes her hair alot and is just so fucking amazing..... I love her more then LIFE itself <3 I love you baby! She loves boy bands and is very attracted to emo/goth/punk boy.
"WHERE'S MY DOG!?!?! WHERE'S MY POOH BEAR?!?!?!"- Kendra
by JakeAskedKendraShit January 27, 2013
Kendra's usually have Blonde hair, and Blue eyes. They are extremely gorgeous! They are shy around most people that they don't talk to everyday. Kendra's are loveable and they love sports. They have a HUGE heart for the ones that belong there. They are perfect in every single way. Any guy would be luck to have her. They like guys who are taller then her, holds her hand in public, who's not afraid to tell people that Kendra is their girl. Once you have one keep her. And they believe in "once a cheater always a cheater" :) Kendra's are also a pain in the left ass cheek. 💙
Ashley: Did you see Kendra today? She's so perfect, I wish I was her

Blaise: Yes! Every girl wishes to be her!!
by ~the kendranattor~ January 10, 2014
a beautiful independent girl who's the best at everything. she has guys falling all over her and is the opposite of a slut. she's loved by everybody. and she is perhaps the most amazing girl in the whole world.
your such a kendra! i love you!
by peabodyfan July 29, 2011