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Ken Ishii, also known as FLR, Flare, UTU, Yoga, and Rising Sun, is a Japanese DJ and techno music producer. He became famous in Japan when he made is album called "Jelly Tones", which contains one of his first hits, called "Extra". Then, he made more techno albums, like "Future in Light" and "Sunriser".

If you have played and enjoyed the video game called Rez, you know who Ken Ishii is, since he composed the 3rd stage's music, called "Creation The State Of Art". One of his tunes also appears in the video game called "Lumines II", which is "Let It All Ride", for his album "Sunriser".

His kind of techno music is original. It's far from that generic techno music we hear these days. You probably won't hear those kind of beats and sounds from another artist. This is why this artist is awesome.

If you want to hear something different and catchy, you should check Ken Ishii's music.
Some of my personal favorites from Ken Ishii are "Extra", "Presto", "Auburnia", "Awakening", "Echo Exit" and "Strobe Enhanced". You should check those tunes out!
by Mister Epic October 15, 2010
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