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The male equivalent to the obsessed female Nicki Minaj fan. Most likely to be homosexual and have killer fashion sense. However, they also are under the impression that Nicki Minaj invented everything and post "team minaj" everywhere. Unlike their female counterparts, Ken Barbs are much more polite and easier to conversate with.
Shawn - That shorty is sexy, but her face is kinda strong

Rasheed - Dude that's a Ken Barb!
#nicki minaj #ken barb #barbie #fans #obsessed #gay
by DevaWolfKTA June 01, 2011
Kenbarb...a male barbie. A fan of Nicki Minaj, who is a guy. She dubs thee a Kenbarb.
Nicki Minaj: "I love my barbies, and kenbarbs."
#guy who loves nicki minaj #male fan of nicki minaj #opposite sex for the barbies #don't need to wear pink #nicki minaj.
by SoulRhymer January 01, 2011
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