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The name given to a chosen few, the manliest and calmest of men all about. This figure should be looked up on as the 3rd highest being next to Jehovah and Jesus. He flirts like it's nothing, and should only be recognized as one thing another "Deity". This man could get any girl because of the words just flow out of his mouth so smooth and casual. He is often hated because he steals other men girlfriends, but that is just a normal day for Kemar.
Omg, Kemar stole my girlfriend.
by Janea2 January 17, 2010
Kemar. This person has the ability to figure out methods of a certain predicament within seconds. They would be considered a genius, but they do not show their talent to the fullest. Such a person should be praised with honor for not being a self-centered ass.
He seems to be made of full win, he's definitely a Kemar.
by By: Rock January 17, 2010
The name given to someone with an great amount of brilliance and intelligence. People envy and hate them for no apparent reason; most likely out of jealousy. This person is very sexy with gorgeous eyes.

If you were to meet an Kemar anywhere within you life then treat him as a king because he will return the favor and glorify your life.
Look how sexy that guy is he's obviously a Kemar.
by By: Miguel January 17, 2010
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