A wonderful girl with a big heart. She has the most amazing voice and loves to sing. She is funny, and intelligent, loves to eat pupusa's, and sing in the shower. She has a wicked sense of humor which can get her into trouble occasionally. One of the best all around persons you will ever know in your entire life.
Kelly has such a great voice that someday she will be on "America's Got Talent".
by Jade Currier November 27, 2011
by 5.20.11 July 02, 2011
The most down to earth and beautiful girl ever. She's always happy and would do anything to help somebody else out. Her friends love her. Not to mention, the boys go crazy for her. She is beautiful on the inside and out and everybody loves her. A person named Kelly is a sweet and loving person.
Dude 1: Aye man, did you see those Facebook pictures Kelly posted?
Dude2: Yeah! She looked totally hot while doing charity work!
by greatest person ever. May 26, 2012
A caring, adorable, beautiful, genius, loving girl who says "backgammon" in the cutest way possible. Is a total badass yet is still gentle. Also known to be a colossal pain in the ass but her incredible perfectness and romantic streak make her well worth it. Prideful like you wouldn't believe though. My soul mate.
I'm going to marry Kelly.
by thisisnotapsudonymeh August 20, 2012
Kelly: She is the most beautiful woman that could have ever walked into my life, She knows how to make you smile when you want to cry. Her smile could stop a thousand hearts from beating, She makes you laugh till you cry and she always leaves you wanting more. There are really no words to explain how she can make you feel inside but when you see her or talk about her it shows on your face, She is irreplaceable. She is the woman you'd want to wake up to every morning of every day.
Kelly: My future wife, My world.
by A.M.D March 04, 2012
If it is a chick? Its just a name. (see first example) BUT...
If it's a guy? He is F'n hardcore. A "Kelly" will drink your drink, smoke your smoke, eat your philly cheese steak and say, "you got any ranch?" with a smile.

If you have a problem with a "Kelly", you won't realize it till he's gone and you were owned. (see second example)
1. Dude, look at all the Kellys here! I will get some leg tonight fo' sho'!

2. Last night, this Kelly was talkin to my girl. Woke up the next day he's driving my mustang and my bookie sayz I owe him $4600.
by Theboognish February 03, 2010
A small town girl who is the definition of true beauty. She'll put you through hell to see if you're worth it, she's worth going through that hell for. She's strong hearted and loving. She tries to hide her feelings but you can see what's going on. She gives the most comforting hugs and you can't go a minute without thinking about her. After all is said and done you still can't help but care for her. She's a Kelly.
Friend: why do you still try?
Me: she's worth it man, she's Kelly.
by kcc55525 December 19, 2012
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