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The vocalist for Sleeping With Sirens which is an incredible band.
Kellin is really sweet, and just pretty gosh darn cute :)
He has a crazy high voice, that some people like and some people dont, but it makes him original. He's also a sick beatboxer and has amazing stage presence.
Person 1: Who was that band that just played, where the lead singer was wearing a pair of Toms?
Person 2: Sleeping with Sirens. That was Kellin Quinn wearing the Toms. He's like... my idol.
Person 1: Nice.. :D
by SWSfangirl August 13, 2011
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Kellin Quinn is the lead vocalist in the band Sleeping With Sirens. They've become very succesful, Kellin even started his own clothing line, Anthem Made! He is adorable and has a very lucky wife named Katelynn Quinn, and they are expecting a baby girl! Overall, Kellin Quinn is amazing and has an extremely high voice, in a good way(;
person 1: hey have you seen Kellin Quinns new haircut?!

person 2: yeah, he's still incredibly sexy though(;

person 1: I KNOW! <3 his wife is so lucky to have him.
by Kellin Quinns wife May 15, 2012
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Kellin Quinn is the lead vocalist for the band 'Sleeping with Sirens'. He is married to Katelynne Quinn, and their daughter's name is Copeland Quinn. His birthday is April 24, 1986. Before 'Sleeping with Sirens', he was in the band 'Closer 2 Closure'.

Kellin is the savior to thousands of fans from all around the world, and his music is truly inspiring.

'Roger Rabbit', sung by Kellin Quinn and performed by 'Sleeping with Sirens', is a song they released in their EP 'If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack'.
by fuck the fame.ˣ November 07, 2013
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Lead vocalist of Sleeping With Sirens. Kellin(28 years old)being very talented, having leggiero tenor as his voice type. He is married and has a daughter name Copeland.
Kellin Quinn is extremely talented.
by Kellin Lincoln January 29, 2015
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Kellin Quinn is the lead singer in the band Sleeping with Sirens. He has a very high voice, that many find unique. Kellin is very very hot and gets a lot of attention from girls and boys around 14-20. Sleeping with Sorens just came out with their most recent album on March 17, 2015 called Madness. He has 1.19 million followers on Twitter, please go follow him @kellinquinn
Morgan, "So, I was listening to this new band, called Sleeping with Sirens"
Kylie, "Omg, Kellins voice is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!"
Ally, "Right, I love him So much"
Morgan, "Kellin Quinn is my IDOL"
by morgannicole April 07, 2015
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