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Kelli Ann is the most beautiful girl in the world. It's nigh impossible to find anything closer to perfection than her. She is adorable, sexy, and gorgeous all at the same time. She has an enormous heart, is incredibly sweet, and is liked, loved, and wanted by everyone she meets. Kelli Ann is blonde, has stunning baby-blue eyes, and a smile that'll melt your heart.
Kelli Ann is a babe!
by MR.MONKEY13 March 06, 2011
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refering to an exotic bird usually found in the rain forrests of the netherlands. Tipically seen mooching off of the june bugs in the southern valleys. completely out of the ordinary and extremely rare. Each and every single one of them have one distincitve feature, on their left foot there second claw is longer than the first. They are extremely terrible at flirting but can show you a good time.
Warning they have coarse chest hair, so think twice before running your fingers through it.
I saw a kelli-ann swoop past my left ear today.
by yAKATOOSHI CHOO August 13, 2008
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a woman of large proportions, causing mass destruction of the roads in local neighborhoods.
did you see all the construction in the highlands? Kelliann must have drove by!
by Muffintop1461 November 24, 2010
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