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Keith Buckley is the vocalist and lyricist of the band Every Time I Die. Basically, he's a singer, screamer, lyricist, writer, social commentator, English teacher, miscreant, karaoke enthusiast, Maury disciple, sex symbol, and masochist.
If you aren't Keith Buckley, don't bother talking to me.
by Call me Shoulders March 07, 2012
A swell gent who attended cardinal newman school for gays. Currently enjoys jerking off to dudes in soap operas, reading the wall street journal, and licking anus. His sister is hot. He is not. Spends most of his free time seducing vulnerable chaps such as rolandpitcairn and kurtpappy. Can usually be found felching, munting, or giving an occasional glass-bottom boat.
"have you heard about John and how he took it up the ass by that huge black dude?"
"Oh yeah man, he pulled a total keithbuckley
by Marklar Marklar March 21, 2008
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