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Born on Spetember 17, 1969 in Braintree, Essex , England. Keith Charles Flint (also known as Keef or Flinty) is the lead singer of the best band in the universe, The Prodigy. Keith Flint, Liam Howlett and Maxim make up The Prodigy. Originally Keef was only a dancer, but in 1996 he was the vocalist on the hit single "Firestarter". The accompanying video showcased Flint's new, punk look. This trend continued with the next Prodigy single "Breathe", on which Flint performed the backing vocals, whilst Maxim performed lead. The 1997 album The Fat of the Land featured Flint's vocal contributions to several tracks.
-Yo mate, did ye see Keith Flint , he looked super hot last night.
-Jop, he did.
-Yeh guys would look so wicked together, there's no better person for ye.
-Thanks, I know x
by V4ND4L January 17, 2009
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