A skinny, talentless 19 year old who got more attention and publicity than she deserved for Bend it Like Beckham, when the real star of that film was Parminder Nagra.

While Keira is pretty (no one's denying that), she cannot act at all. Her face is frozen in a blank stare in each of her films; she has the emotional range of a clothes shop mannequin. When Orlando Bloom professes undying love to her at the climax of Pirates of the Caribbean, after two hours of the pair risking life and limb for each other on the high seas, she doesn't even so much as blink. Her blank, unreactive expression appears to be the same when she is being rowed off to her death in Pirates of the Caribbean as it is in Love Actually when she learns that her husband's best friend is in love with her.

Watch her closely in BILB, Pirates, and King Arthur; in all those movies she basically runs around screaming or pouting. Wouldn't exactly call it acting, though.
Keira Knightly is over rated and a terrible actress.
by ps September 22, 2004
keira knightly makes me wet
i love keira knightly
by diddy January 28, 2004

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