a christian that only goes to church on Christmas and Easter
We have to get to church early on Christmas to get seats or all the Keesters will get them.
by not a keester January 04, 2008
Top Definition
Another word for the asshole.
After giving a fabulous hummer, Sheila prefers to finish the evening with a cock in her keester!
by lick a lotta spokes February 01, 2005
smuggling drugs in your bum...the actual drugs are called keester eggs or stuffed dumplings
by mister fister October 02, 2003
to insert an object or animal into one's anal cavity
richard gere keestered a hamster and unfortunately it got stuck

<man 1> man i wish we had some blow for this long flight

<man 2> dont worry bro i keestered an 8ball im bout to head to the bathroom right now to get it out
by the ju1ce August 18, 2003
anus pie chode with a poop angus
the keester was very very smelly
by keester beans August 11, 2003
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