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A term used to describe the dividing line between the appropriate amount of money spent on polos versus shoes. In other words, a polo that costs more than $110 should not be bought, since anything over $110 is considered "kick money." That being said, any polo costing less than $110 is acceptable and does not violate the rule of keeping it 110. Someone who keeps it 110 will spend $110 or above on shoes, while spending less than $110 on polos (including Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, or any other brand that typically costs around $70/polo).
Mom: Hey son, how was the mall?

Son: Straight; I bought a pink RL polo for $70 at Macy's, then I went over to Finish Line and copped me some new J's for $150. You already know I gotta keep it 110.
by thakid11 April 19, 2009

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