What would we all do without HIS coolness? HIS mystery? HIS look? Not forget HIS beauty... All this makes HIM hot, hotter, hottest... I'm sure we need him!!!
* from Constantine / the Bathroom scene:
she - "should I take all my clothes off?"
he - "I'm thinking..." (accompanied by an almost invisible smile with only one corner of his mouth)
by Beate August 22, 2005
if beautiful needed a new
definition, I'm pretty sure that
Keanu Reeves would be it.
although his acting skills are
unfortunately unappreciated by some,
many love his movies, and a large
sum those people adore the man's
arresting good looks as well.
he is best known by the vast majority of us nerds,as the protagonist of the matrix trilogy,neo.
neo was played by keanu reeves. also known as gorgeous McGorgeousness.
by neochica August 31, 2007
The fucking hottest man alive who is an actor, bass player, is sweet and sexy and beautiful and has a cute personality. All the asswipes below are jealous of him.
Keanu Reeves is fucking hot.
by pikaleea August 20, 2004
an actor who played in such movies as Bill and Ted, The Matrix, and his new movie Constantine, but only 3 of the movies hes been in DO NOT HAVE PHONE BOOTHS!!!
"Thanks Zeph"
by M.Bussell February 05, 2005
A physically able actor with the emotional range of a post. Most famous for starring in the recent Matrix Trilogy as Neo, the main protagonist.
"Isn't it ironic how the epitome and ultimate conclusion of the human race, Neo, is played by a catatonic, while a heartless program, Agent Smith, is played with zest by such a magnificent actor?
by Comrade Dmitri February 18, 2004
Priceless actor. Keanu is one of those actors that only go good in certian movies, but could you imagine someone with any emotional depth playing in Bill & Ted or the Matrix? Keanu's cut&dry, often laughable acting is not without its charm.
"Hello Neo, do you know who this is?"
by TrippleZero April 30, 2005
Kind, Eager, Ambitious, Nerdy, Unpredictable
Contagious, Humble, Adorable, Relentless, Loving, Edgy, Shy
Raging, Effervescent, Exuberant, Vivacious, Energetic, Sad

Keanu always is looking for the good in everything: his work, his life and other people. He loves art, music and literature. In his acting he finds peace and rest. Acting to him is more than a job - it's a vocation. Acting to Keanu Reeves is a way to explore different grounds, different ideas about life and he can immerse himself completely. He wants to be good and never shies away from putting all his time and effort into one of his roles. His fans love him for his compassion, his love for his work and his dedication. His colleagues praise his kindness, his talent, and his humble character.
"Art is about trying to find the good in people and making the world a more compassionate place." - Keanu Reeves
by The Household Cat August 29, 2011

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