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Noun; Having gone out and partied your ass off multiple times in one week.
Verb; the act of emulating Ke$sha
Noun; The drive of an animal, a true fratski
Noun; immortal status after hooking up with Ke$sha
Ex 1
freshmen scrubs "Your back, its 2 o'clock in the afternoon, where were you last night?"
Fratskis- "We are out at Richs and bhoppin"
scrubs " thats the 4th time this week and its only friday"
Fratski "I'm Ke$ha status bitches!!"

Ex 2
HOtt sorority girl "Lets go out tonight!"
lame girl "we've already gone out 3 times this week, I wanna stay and watch a movie its got.. blah blah..."
Entire sorority "LEts go were ke$sha status tonight!!"

Ex 3
Dudski 1 "Bro omfg its Ke$sha!"
Dudski 2 "I bet you i can hookup"
Dudski 1 "....Dude no way shes ke$ha you cant handle it"
Dudski 2 "Ive got enough loko, vodka, rumski in me for the last 5 days in a row...I got this shyt.. im Ke$sha status biatch!"

later that night Dudski 2 hooks up with Ke$sha and is forever known on campus as Ke$ha status
by 5ofdiamonds December 29, 2010
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