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1) one cool cat that rocks keavinators math class
2) a kind hearted soul
3) a genius
4) one kickass cheerleader
5) a word used to descirbe most awesome girl in stang who loves urbandictionary
1) Math would be so darn boring without that KaytiLu around
2) Mother Theresa will be remembered as one of the greatest KaytiLu's
3) Albert Einstien was one hell of a KaytiLu
4) Only a KaytiLu can do a back handspring like that
5) Mommy, Im running instead of prom queen as most KaytiLu like
by riley March 14, 2005

Words related to KaytiLu

A rather funny person
a comedian can only be a Kaytilu if they make me laugh
by Nugget April 16, 2005