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The name of a hot girl who has a nice body and is great in bed. Don't confuse it with Katie as that name is overused and very ugly.
"I was fucking Kaytee last night and she gave the best head!"
"Are you talking about Katie?"
"No. Kaytee."
by mcmbrocks1 August 25, 2008
An incredibly sexy, beautiful, wonderful woman who is loved by all and has beautiful curves. She is a true keeper and if you let her go you will never be happy again. She will make you the happiest you've ever been and her eyes will make your soul melt with eternal love. I love you Kaytee! T.V.D<3
Damn, that girl is a total Kaytee!
by labor40 January 16, 2013
Someone with a very obvious cheap nosejob, she also wishes she were white
Ew kaytee is nasty look at that fake nose
by dhujiewed August 29, 2010
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