a skilled dancer. espesially in dances that invole poles, stripping, and laps.
there were so many kaylies at that club.
by fransisco November 11, 2006
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An extremely beautiful girl who can be beautiful without trying. usually thin and medium height. if she tells you she loves you trust me, she means it. usually popular. if you ever meet a kaylie, keep her forever. or enjoy her while she lasts.
i met a Kaylie last night.
by Mark Fettco July 10, 2008
A beautiful and nice, but shy girl. She won't speak up in class, she'll instead wait to be called on. She has an understated beauty, but her inner beauty shines out. She has an amazing singing voice, but kaylies are often too shy to use it much in public. Don't be fooled too much by her shy appearance though, because once she gets to know you, she'll talk for an hour. Guys are lucky to have her.
She's definately a Kaylie, lemme go ask her out.
by stemmiewholovesyouall June 29, 2010
Kaylie... She is the sweetest, most beautiful, funny, caring, but most fragile girl you can meet. She's got the personality of a bestfriend, but her feelings get hurt easy. She won't tell you, she'll hide it until you ask her then she'll let it out. She has the most amazing singing voice but never let's anyone but a few close friends hear it. She's also very shy when she first meets you, she will keep to the side but once you get to know her she won't stop. If you get a chance to meet one keep her close her friendship is real and she will love you more than anything else.
"Who is that"
"Oh, that's Kaylie, she's beautiful isn't she!"
"Yes! Lets go meet her!"

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