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No body likes her and she looks like a baboons buttocks. She hums really annoyingly and obsesses over women. She also has a severe disease called idiotosis. If u ever come in contact with her makes sure to go take a shower quickly and run around and scream like a little girl. If u spot her on the street call animal control and they will make sure to remove her out of your sight. You'll know if u see her because she looks like a cat that has been dead for 3 months and sounds like a male.

Nick Phillips is the coolest person in the world and feels sorry for kayla and her friends.
I look like a baboons buttocks. I must be Kayla Roden.
by Ur MoM April 25, 2005
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A very cute, wonderful, brunette, 5'2" hottie that has a retarded sister named shannon and a loser brother named dennis (both of which have no life)
Every girl wants to be Kayla Roden, and every guy wants to go out with her!
by Rose April 25, 2005

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