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Kayla Hanak:
also known as: Beautiful, most likely small, but very energetic individual. Kayla Hanak may not have a lot of friends, but she has many good friends. Someone named Kayla Hanak is most likely to be very active. Does not like sitting around all day, and sleeps a lot. Kayla Hanak is most likely to fall in love with a good friend instead of a new person whom she just met. Kayla Hanak is a very smart individual who likes to study hard. But at times, Kayla Hanak likes to do the dirty. She's very exceptional at it too. She's shy at first but opens up in a timely manner.
Person #1: WOAH, who is that girl, she's gorgeous.
Person #2: and fit,she must be a Kayla Hanak

active, beautiful, small, impatient, romantic, sexy.
by Cory Samson March 23, 2009
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