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An intermittent struggle between factions within the Holy Nordic Empire, the most notable being the Kulturpoliti, over a series of disputes, the most prominent being the question of legitimate succession to the Imperial throne, following the assassination of Emperor Gissur, by the Militant Nordic Publishers Accociation in 2050.

The Kattegat Channel Conflict is most famous for marking the end of armed military conflict by specialized troops in Europe and North-America, replaced with the massive scale brain-washing of civilian populations, dubbed meta-war, making the Kattegat Channel Conflict the first conflict in history to be fought solely through the control of broadcasting resources.

The conflict is considered to have ended with the collapse of the Holy Nordic Empire in 2066, due to the inability of the warring factions to agree over the matters of succession.

Various factions continued meta-skirmishing in the area well into the 2070's but with little effect.

The primary significance of the Kattegat Channel Conflict is three-fold, firstly it marked the collapse of the Holy Nordic Empire, secondly it marked the end of armed warfare with the advent of meta-war and thirdly it demostrated the dangers of meta-war by the complete meta-decimation of the Scandinavia, which left it a drone-state under the sway of The Eurasian Republic.
Damn, those guys just keep at it like it was the Kattegat Channel Conflict.
by Gissur December 09, 2004
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