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A crazy hilarious girl. Katie Rose will steal a man's heart with her joyful outgoing spirit and model-like looks. Although she's tall, she is still incredibly gorgeous inside and out. Sarcasm is her main sense of humor, and she loves to play sports.
I bet she's nothing like a Katie Rose


I only like Katie Rose's
by RiceKrizbee May 31, 2012
a non-bino woman, usually having a double-jointed shoulder. She enjoys playing vodka pong. She is really good at tickling pickles, but never a dick slap because a katierose can bruise easily.
"hey bro! how'd it go with that girl last night???"

"dude i didnt give a slap, but i got a tickle...yeah bitches!"

" was a Katierose!"
by Kaycidilla April 01, 2009
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