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Nasty fat ass bitch from Nashville, Ga. She will fuck anything that walks including your dad so you better watch out. She got crabs from a few crack dealers and chlymidia for a bonus for being a dealer with them so long. She looks like a slut in all of her myspace pictures..i mean who in the hell takes bikini pictures inside on their bed? UH i know..Katelyn:D
She lives in a white double-wide trailer and her window says Katelyn '09 on it..haha..pretty dope huh??
She is so obsessed with this one guy that she turned his fucking myspace page so gay and he probably doesnt even know it..lmao:D
He is only with her to bang bang anyways:)
I don't see why he wants to bang bang her nasty loose vagaygay because it smells like Baracuda and it is soo's like putting a pencil in a swimming pool.
OMG it ate my penis!!!
She is full of shit and a liar. Hell she lies to all of her "friends"..huh..well she thinks that they are her friends but they all hate her fucking lesbian ass..hahahaha

She only worls on the corner on Friday nights because that is payday and she receives more customers.

Call anytime if you want to lose your dick..(229) 848-9505
OMG there is Katelyn Infinger. Quick, hide your fucking dog and your brother.

There is the dooky girl.

She is soo full of shit that she smells like it too.

OMG get an air freshener!!

Here fishy fishy:D

Wow she looks like a fucking blimp in that prom dress!
by Anonymous;) July 28, 2008
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